S.T.E.A.M. Camp Week One

The second week of STEAM camp was awesome! We explored the five senses each day of our Sensory Science week!

  • Day 1
    Sight –
    We explored prisms in and outside, with lights on and off. We had a blast making our sensory fluorescent slime and seeing colors all throughout our inside and outside world!
  • Day 2
    Sound –
    We made wind chimes to take home but also for our fairy tree in the nature playground. We explored all different sounds inside and outside our classroom! We also did a fun experiment with sound with a spoon and rope!
  • Day 3
    – We went on a nature scavenger hunt to find all kinds of natural items that are fun to touch! Soft, smooth, hard, bumpy, rough, etc. we had so much fun! We also did a touch test to guess what we were touching in our mystery bags!
  • Day 4
    – Boy did we have fun! We read the book Caterina and the Lemonade Stand. Caterina wanted to make her own lemonade stand to sell lemonade but realized so did all her friends so she had to make hers unique! We tasted lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, peach, raspberry, strawberry and blueberries for our unique lemonade! We liked some and we didn’t like some! We made our own lemonade stand too!
  • Day 5
    – We finished our lemonade stand and tested many smells. Some we LOVED, like vanilla and cinnamon and some we hated like onion and garlic. We also had all the classes come down and test our three favorite flavors! Lime, orange and peach lemonade!

We had such a great time. Looking forward to next week where we Light it up for 4th of July week!
– Shari, Beth and Lexi 🙂

See pictures below of each day!